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Vegetables 2

Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for more vegetables.


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Intermediate: B1


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I like all kinds of vegetables in general. Among those mentioned above, the ones that I like the most are: artichokes, green beens, pumpkin, courgettes (zucchini), radish and broccoli. I do prefer the red chard to the green one, while cassava is good just boiled like a potato, or milled like a flour to be eaten with the feijoada (the Brasilian popular dish).
Spinach is good in quiches with ricotta, or eaten raw with salad. Leeks are delicious stewed with bacon. In few words, all veggies are healthy and delicious!

The most I like is cassava fry it is so delicious , but a really like garlic as a seasoning , we Always use garlic to seasoning our dish
And least I like maybe is courgettes because to me they aren´t have anytaste , and artichoke I´ve never eaten them

From those vegetables i like spinach, pumpkins and broccoli. Especially pumpkins, we can make any delicious meals from it. But i never taste artichoke, i think its not common in our country. So, i can't describe if like it or not.

ginger, garlic, cassava, radish, leeks
spinach, chard, broccoli,
artichoke, courgettes, pumpkin, green beans

I have to say pumpkin is more delicious in these vegetables.At least, we have many ways of cooking it.and artichoke is not a common vegetable in Chinese food.but I want to try it next time.

For me I like all vegetables but I prefer pumpkin when l cooked it in oven with Raisins, almonds and hazelnuts mmmm it's yummy, and there are no vegetables l don't like it, thanks God

Mi favorite vegetable that I like most Is the carrot. I'dont like much the radish.

My favourite vegetable is green beans. I don't like a pumpkin.

I don't like chard, because it leaves a lot of taste in mouth after meals.