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Vegetables 2

Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for more vegetables.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


Cassava it's like ''nhame'' or sweet potatoes. In Mozambique people love it.

i like cassava because it's more benefits for or body

i like cassava, but we said here "singkong" . You eat it with dabu dabu, hmm yummy

I prefer Spinach to eat; it boosts up immune system, and is rich in 'iron' that cures anaemia. On the contrary I prefer pumpkin in least.

I prefer green salad, radish, artichoke and broccoli of course.

I like green beans the rest i don't like some i've never heard of.

I like most eating radish, cogettes, garlic, leeks and more. I like eat least ginger.
But, i never eating cassava.

Which kind of vegetable is Cassava?

Thanks, Sir.