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5 Writing for Oneself and Others

Event Recounts and Public Engagement are types of writing that help you to think about your own or other people's wants and needs, and to explain things you are studying in a way that non-specialists can understand.

The Primary Purpose of these assignments is Writing for Oneself and Others.

Listen to the discussion between a student (S) and a lecturer (L) and do the task.

Task 1: What does Writing for Oneself and Others mean?



Hello Pentone
Don't worry - for this exercise we expect you to listen to the audio again and again. It would be very difficult to finish the exercise without doing this.
As you listen to the dialogue you will gradually become more familiar with the speaking style, and you will be able to recognize more and more words. Learning academic English is a slow process but if you persevere I am sure your listening and writing skills will improve.
We wish you lots of success in your studies.
The Writing for a Purpose Team

I couldn't understood how to fill it up

You need to drag one of the words in blue at the top into each space, then release.  Please let me know if there are any problems when you try this.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

I loved it this new session brought by British Council. I will surely help us throughout our academic life.

Thank you Fabio!  I'm glad you like these activities.
The Writing for a Purpose Team