Explanations and Exercises are types of writing which show that you have understood what you have read in textbooks, and what your lecturers have told you. Although these kinds of assignments can be very technical and can require you to know a large amount about your discipline, they do not usually require you to give your own opinion, or write anything which is not accepted knowledge.

Demonstrating Knowledge & UnderstandingThe Primary Purpose of these Genre Families is Demonstrating Knowledge and Understanding.

Task 1

What do you mean by Demonstrating Knowledge and Understanding?

Listen to the discussion between a student (S) and a lecturer (L) and use the words to fill in the blanks. You can listen to the recording as many times as you want and you can pause it if you need more time to put the answers into the spaces.



Hello I have a quick question about grammar. I want to know the difference between "5 Tips to Survive the Freshman Year" and "5 Tips to Surviving the Freshman Year".   So what's the difference between "to+Verb" and "Verb+ing" ?
Thank you!

"5 Tips to Survive the Freshman Year" is the correct form.
However you can find many examples of the "to -ing" construction in the BAWE corpus, for example "The key to achieving this is a well-managed crop rotation plan".  For other examples see https://ca.sketchengine.co.uk/bonito/run.cgi/sortx?q=aword%2C%5Bword+%3D...
I don't think it is the verb that determines which structure to use, but the words preceding it. For example it would be correct to say "The Key to Surviving the Freshman Year", and equally it would be correct to say "5 tips to to achieve a well-managed crop rotation".
There are no examples in the BAWE corpus for "tips to...", but there are some for "suggestions to..." - see https://ca.sketchengine.co.uk/bonito/run.cgi/viewattrsx?q=aword%2C%5Blem...

Hello, I know that this thing it has noting to do here, but I wanted some advice.
I found this website really good and it explains the things in a good and clear way.
I'm an IB student and I have to do my English make up test tomorrow. I have studied the whole summer but I still do silly mistakes and sometimes I got confused. The problem is that I can't correct my exercises alone. 
My question is how can I avoid silly mistakes in order to get a good mark? ( each mistakes is -2) 
Thank you 

Hi Sucy,
I'm afraid I don't know of any quick solution to help you avoid the kind of mistakes you're talking about, which are difficult for many people.
Have you tried making a list of the mistakes that you keep repeating? If you do that, you could study them and perhaps that would help. It's also important to read a lot so that you can see examples of vocabulary and grammar in context. And finally, of course, you must not just read but study the corrections and comments your teachers make on your writing.
I hope this helps you and that your test went well!
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

umm its really helpful for me , I work with American company so, I don't know exactly how to improve my speaking and how to develop it if you can advise me I really appreciate

Hello Saeed Mushabab Alqahtani,

I'm glad to hear you find the site useful!  This is a question which we are often asked and, in fact, I've just finished writing some advice in response to a similar question from another learner on another page, so I'll repeat to you what I said to them.

At the beginning let me say that it's hard to give specific advice without knowing how you speak at the moment.  However, there are some general suggestions that I can make which will help you to improve over time.  The most important thing you can do is to speak English as often as possible.  To do this a partner is very helpful, so think about the people you know and consider if any of them could be a practice partner for you.  It may be that you know someone else who is also learning English and who would like to practise with you, or perhaps you know some people who do not speak your language but do speak English.  However, if you do not have a practice partner it does not mean that you cannot practise because tt is possible to practise alone.  Just speaking English to yourself while you are at home, going about your normal daily activities, can help a great deal with your fluency and can help you to feel more confident, which will help you to cut down your hesitating.

You can also use the audio and video materials here on LearnEnglish to improve your fluency. After doing the exercises, try listening with the transcript (listening and reading). Then try saying the text yourself, and finally try saying it with (and at the same speed as) the recording. This will help you to develop speed in your speech, which is a key component of fluency.  You'll also pick up a lot of language as chunks - words which are often used together in set phrases - which you can use to communicate with less hesitation.

Remember, finally, that developing speaking is a process which takes time.  As with any incremental process, it can often be hard to see progress but it is important to keep going and not give up, even if you find it hard to see progress.

Good luck and best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

thank for your good recommend. In face, it really a bit hard to find friend talking English daily. So speak to myself is better and permanence. Put daily topic and practice it. I should start practice from now on.

i don't understood the audio, the accent is different, i need to study more with this accent.

hi every body i am newcomer and I have terrible problem in writing especially in spelling, although I have practiced hard but the out come is the same as it was in the past; any suggestion for solving this problem....

Hi everybody
I am a newcomer here and i have terrible problem in English , especially writing.When i watch movie or something, i can understand more or less. But when i try to write, almost nothing come up. At the writing time i always think about grammar and hesitate whether my spelling is correct or not, am i using the appropriate preposition or not, and so on. As English is not my native language, i am not comfortable with it. But i need to learn it, and i would like to ask help of "LearnEnglish" team and all of you ...
Thanks in advance..