What is an Explanation?

Try this task to understand more about Explanations.

Task 1

Listen to the discussion between a student (S) and a lecturer (L) and use the words given to fill in the blanks. You can listen to the recording above as many times as you want and you can pause it if you need more time to put the answers into the spaces.



I am very keen interested to learn English, to speak English ,to write English.well it's a very tough work but I will do my best as possible as. so ,can you guide me in systematic way so that I can learn the English in optimum time and in a appropriate way

Hello dhiru singh,

I would recommend you read our Frequently asked questions page, which has general advice on learning English and also advice on how to get the most out of our site. Our Facebook page is also full of great ideas on how to improve your English. If you have any other specific questions, please feel free to ask us.

Good luck!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello this is faraidoon from Afghanistan although i have used English language for several years to fulfill my need and office requirements but still i have problem to solve it through learning the valuable lessons offered by Peter and his expert team members

Hi Peter !
i tried to learn english for many years but my english is still very bad. long ago i don't care english. i think it isn't important. i could worker with out english.
i am wrong when i am worker. English is very very important. not english mean not job. it is too late to learn english however it is not finish for me . i think i will start to learn english. i was research many methods from my friends and on internet. after three months i researched one method that is easy for beginer. i was effort but my skills is not improve more. i have not time. my job is not wait me. so i have to run and run quickly and yesterday i was find you. i tried to learn for a few minutes and i feel very effective. i hope you can a few advise for me. Thanks you !

Hello nguyennga1994,

Thanks for your message. For most people, improving their English takes consistent effort. Even just a short time every day or three or four days a week can make a difference.

I would suggest that you first read our Frequently asked questions page. It has advice on how to use our site that I think will be really useful for you. Next, I'd recommend listening to Series 3 of Elementary Podcasts - I think it has a good level for you. Follow the advice you read and apply it to episode 1. Listen to episode 1 several times (you can use the Transcript to help), and choose vocabulary and phrases that you want to learn. Practise pronouncing them many time. Then you can do the exercises and move to episode 2. Repeat this process.

That's probably too much to do in one day, but if you spend a few days on each episode, patiently working through it and learning as much as you can, I think you'll improve more that way.

But of course please use our site in the way you want to or in the way that works best for you!

Good luck!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Peter I am a new comer
I am from Phnom Penh , Cambodia where I study English
I have learn English for 5 year but I still using English in the wrong way.
I use to study writing English but I can not improve my writing.
Can you tell me how to writing English in good way and step by step
Thank you

Hi LG Piseth,

I can't really give you too many specific tips in the comments section. I'd have to know your English a lot better and also know what kind of writing you need to do - this is a job for your own teacher, really. However, I can point you towards some general tips. We have a page with answers to this kind of question - it's our Frequently Asked Questions page, which you can find here, and is part of our Help section.

You might also find our site on IELTS helpful. It's designed for IELTS candidates but it has extensive sections on writing, including model texts. You can find that here.

I hope those links are helpful.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

very good but i marked two answer :)

Thank so much!

it's so very nice to get a great success in English. I also try to improve my English