Here are some groups of words that commonly occur in Explanations, with examples. Here is some information about the way the information is shown.

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Here are some groups of words that commonly occur in Explanations, with examples from different disciplines. Click on Instructions for more information about the format.

The tasks that follow will help you work with some of these word groups.

Describing location, structure, procedure

as well as the Examples
in the form of Examples
(at) the end of (the) Examples
can be seen (in) Examples
(in) the absence of Examples
(in) the development of Examples
(on) the surface of (the) Examples
at the same time Examples
(is) made up of Examples
the rest of (the) Examples
in the case of Examples

Explaining cause, effect and significance

(this) is due to (the) Examples
as a result of Examples
an important role in
(e.g. to play/take/have an important role in -ing ...)
be able to
(e.g. modal + (not) + ... be able to)
this means that Examples

Reporting what is known or believed

one of the most
(e.g. one of the most important/common/complex/significant)
is thought/considered ... to be Examples


If you are writing an Explanation, you might also find this language useful:

Task 1

Explanations: Describing location, structure, procedure. Drag the group of words into the sentence below.



Task 2

Explanations: Explaining cause, effect and significance. Drag the group of words into the sentence below.



Task 3

Explanations: Reporting what is known or believed. Drag the group of words into the sentence below.




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