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i never learnt english grammer. whatever i have learnt, is just because of my habbit of reading english. once u start reading u will gradually come to know about new words and grammer pattrns.

Hi. I am confusing after seeing the tabular of primary purpose. Please advice me in which order should i follow.

The list of five primary purposes at shows the main reasons why students are asked to write at university. If you are a university student, think about why your lecturers ask you to write assignments. Clicking on any item in the list will take you to activities to help you understand these purposes better. For example will take you to a recorded dialogue between a lecture and a student explaining what 'demonstrating knowledg and understanding' means.
The purpose of the assignment will affect the way it should be organised, and (to a certain extent) the grammar and vocabulary. That's why it is important to recognise the purpose and the genre of any university assignment you write.

`Hello sir
In present time i study English grammar section (present continuous tense). i want to know , can i study both grammar & writing for purpose together or any other part with grammar section .please help me. i hope you understand my problem .

Hi yogesh mani tripathi,

I'm not sure if I've understood your questions, but please know that you can study any part of LearnEnglish in any order or combination that you wish!

If you had a different question, please let us know.

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I find this site very useful.Can I get a progress report fro the site?

Hello maja jose,

We don't record progress on LearnEnglish, though you can of course do this yourself if you wish.

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Hello Everyone

Hi add,
I'm Ken, i have intended to apply for job in Australia. so could you give me some advices about the structure of form and which document needed to attach in Introduce letter
I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon !