The structure of a Problem Question involves the following stages:

Structure of Problem Question

Introduction to Problem

Describe the context and facts you have been given.

Identify Theory

Describe the relevant theoretical models, or cases in law.

Application & Analysis

Apply the theory to the problem. Provide analysis.


Show what solutions you have come to from your analysis.

Examples of Problem Questions include:

  • business scenario
  • law problem
  • logistics simulation question

The tasks below will help you to understand more about the structure of Problem Questions.

Task 1

Look at the stages of a typical Problem Question above. Drag the stages into the correct order - put the first one at the top.


Task 2

Several kinds of Problem Question are mentioned: business scenario, law problem and logistics simulation question. Look at Example 1. What type of Problem Question is it?


Task 3

Compare the typical structure of a Problem Question described above with Example 1. There is no clear single stage that describes the theory; the theory is described in paragraphs in each section. Match the paragraphs in Example 1 with the stages identified above.




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