The purpose of a Problem Question is to provide practice in applying specific methods in response to professional problems.


Hi laxmman,

There is no magic way to improve spelling, I'm afraid. It is simply a question of seeing as many good examples as possible and testing yourself to help yourself to remember them. For the first of these, reading as widely and as often as possible is the key. Try to set yourself a target for reading - a certain amount every week or every day. keep a record of words you come across that are tricky to spell or are new and test yourself on them regularly. Be persistent and you will improve!

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Thanks peter......


I want to write a article for my research. How can i start.

Hello Tho Cao,

It depends on the article you want to write! You can find a lot of examples of different academic genres using the links on this page - I hope those will be helpful for you.

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Is this sentence correct?
" Do you have much information about recent crisis? "
I know that "any" is correct in sentence above but how about " MUCH"

Hello babak.p,

Yes, it is perfectly fine to use 'much' in this way. The end of the sentence should be 'the recent crisis', however.

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can somebody tell me the difference between 'It' and 'This'.

Hello jessica_22,

For basic information on 'it' and 'this', please see the Pronouns section of our grammar. Another way to think of the difference between them is that 'this' is used to put the reader's focus on an idea and 'it' is used to refer to something that you've already put the reader's focus on. For example, in the exercise on this page, they say:

S: I know what a problem question is. It's where you've got to answer a difficult question.

'It' is used here because the thing it refers to 'a problem question' has already been brought into focus. 'This' would be a bit awkward here unless you really wanted to emphasise that this idea is what you want to focus on.

I hope this clarifies it a bit for you.

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thank you sir.!

Below here are two headlines of a newspaper
1. Russia changing stance on backing Assad ?
2. Senior Chinese Air Force officer sacked for harassing woman.
Are both sentences grammatically correct ? actually both sentences are missing Auxiliary verbs.