Event Recounts and Public Engagement are types of writing that help you to think about your own or other people's wants and needs, and to explain things you are studying in a way that non-specialists can understand.

Writing for Oneself & OthersThe Primary Purpose of these assignments is Writing for Oneself and Others.

Try this task to find out more about Writing for Oneself and Others.

Task 1

What does Writing for Oneself and Others mean?

Listen to the discussion between a student (S) and a lecturer (L) and use the words given to fill in the blanks. You can listen to the recording above as many times as you want and you can pause it if you need more time to put the answers into the spaces.



I'm new here but found it very useful,I'm writing a professional research for university was wondering if I cen get help on this?.


Hello Asya,

You're welcome to look through these pages and ask us any specific question you have on the content here, but otherwise I'm afraid we don't provide this kind of service.

Good luck!

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Hey! I am Shohag from Bangladesh. I am your new friend. I have read your writing. I am so pleasure to read your writing.
I have seen that you are so helpful that's why I come here.
First of all I can say that I am a little learner or new learner on English.
Hopefully You will help me when I made a mistake.
I want to develop my writing & speaking but I can't.
please give me some tips that I will be going to develop.
I want to communicate with each other on English.
Thanks & regards
Shohag Hossain

Hello Shohag,

Welcome to LearnEnglish! I would suggest you first read through our Frequently asked questions page, where you'll find advice on how use our site to improve your writing and speaking. You might also want to check out Facebook page, which also has lots of useful ideas on how to improve your English.

I'm afraid we don't provide the service of correcting our users' writing, though if you have a question about a specific sentence we can usually help.

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As long i go through the different tasks in each subject I feel more comfortable listening to the conversation to answer the exercises.