Amandeep takes a step back into the past to find out how Britain's history and industrial past still draw crowds of tourists.

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Sir, In this video in the second last line (sentence) of amandeep, she asks to Natalie "what reactions do you get to being dressed" it means what reactions do you get after being dressed right ? Now could we also use 'Getting ' rather than being in this sentence with no change in meaning and Could we also use this structure (to being or getting dressed) with other adjectives and third form of any verb rather than using (after being or getting dressed) like - To being or getting ready, drunk, bathed, washed or done and other all ?

Hello SonuKumar,

Yes, Amandeep wants to know how people react to someone dressed in period clothing. There's a difference in meaning between 'get dressed' and 'be dressed'. The former is a process and the latter is a state. Since Natalie already has the clothes on, 'get dressed' isn't really appropriate -- 'be dressed' is.

The difference I have described between 'get + past participle (or adjective)' and 'be + past participle or adjective' is a general one, i.e. you can apply it with other words as well. There is always the possibility of usage that doesn't fit into this pattern, but it can certainly be used with many adjectives.

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Hello to everyone,
being my first comment in this website, firstly I would say that it is great to discover more about British culture and English language in it. It is an amazing place to surf.
I live in Rome so I could say that there are several reasons becasue people come in my city and in my country. Here they can find marvelous historical sites, culture, architecture and arts. In Italy the enviroment is largely various so people can spend time at sea as well as at mountain or in the lakes area. I believe another reason is our cuisine.
We love food and I have a lot of positive feedback from my foreign friends whom like a lot to join us for nice meal. Anyway it is sure that all part around the world have culture, history, places that it is amazing to discover, sharing our different tradition gaining each other a lot.

Hello everyone.
If I think you about and what attracts tourist in my country I think it's depends if they came in the capital I think the tourist are attracted from some buildings that they are really old. Actually we have a lot of sightseeing in my country and we have a lot of old places to visit like the national museum, but if they going to old cities they can visit a lot of old buildings.The most importantly places to have a holiday are on the mountain because they are unique in the world and we have a lot of cave and salt caves, and landscape in the countryside is stunning.
About the life 100 years ago I don't know, I curious too how it was. I think it was like a little Paris you know sometimes our city where I was born is has called the little Paris because it's designed the same like Paris and I think people were dressed up really nice in that in that. And a lot of buildings they are still there, like they were 100 years ago and some places the same. We have a park in the middle of the city that is the same like it was 100 years ago like, it was designed for people to recreate. I think that 100 years ago my country it was more peaceful than now.

I live in London and I really appreciate York, I'd like to go as soon as possible even for improving my English.

What does 'worshed' mean ? I didn't find it in Cambridge Dictionary.


There is no such word as 'worshed'. The word I think you mean is 'workshed'. This is sometimes written as one word and sometimes as two ('work shed'). It is a shed (a kind of hut or garage, typically in the garden or a larger building used for a specific purpose) where a person can work:


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Ah Yes I've forgotten the 'k', sorry.

People come in here to go snorkeling, hiking, even though it's an expensive destination.
There are a lot of small islands. Some people say it's the paradise on earth (like many places, in my opinion).
It was harder than nowdays because it took a very long time to go the different areas of the country. But life was peaceful here when others fought in first world war.

Our history, our nature,our geographical location and also our climate (4 seasons were lived in Turkey, that's why we have summer tourism and winter tourism, both of them.) attracts tourists to our country. I think a hundred years ago life was definitely harder than today.