Stephen and Ashlie drive north to York. Stephen surprises Ashlie with a Roman ring - and a museum she actually likes!

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'I thought we could....' is a way of making a polite suggestion. 




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Conversation between Ashlie and the shopkeeper, a friend once told me that in England the prices are written down for every type of goods, and they're certain prices and there will be no bargains. If that's true so why do you need to ask the shopkeeper for prices, or are they actually bargaining with the souvenir? Could you answer my question LearnEnglish team?

Hello Anh Quân Chu,

It's true that most shops in Britain have the prices marked for customers to see but it is not always the case. In places which sell non-standard or unique items, such as antique shops, craft stalls, farmers markets and so on, it is not unusual for the customer to have to ask about the price. In these places it is often quite normal to bargain or haggle when buying - in other words, to negotiate the price with the seller.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks for letting me know, Peter.
In Vietnam there's a lot of bargain but I don't really like it because the merchants usually make up the price, double it let's say and the consumers feel like they've been ripped off. I know it all comes down to negotiation but those merchants are truly liars, and everything needs to be priced correctly in a certain standard, of that I think it's what Britain doing well. That will reduce conflicts between buyers and sellers, and misunderstanding within the transactional market.
Well that's my opinion, hope it will be published and there will more comments about this issue/topic.
Have a nice day Peter M.


Please advise which of the following prepositions is correct:

1. The most captivating fairy tale in China DURING the last two decades is the success story of Han.

2. The most captivating fairy tale in China OF the last two decades is the success story of Han.

Thank you.

Hello Teachers ,

I can't quite understand why when Ashlie asks where the aniques come from , the Shopkeeper says : Generally the UK , but also IN Europe as well . Why IN but not FROM ? As Ashlie makes her question using FROM ?

Thank you very much ,

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Helo iliya_b,

Yes, it is an unusual and not grammatical answer. Language is not always used fully grammatically - people make mistakes or change their minds in mid-sentence, for example. Here I guess he was thinking 'made in Europe' but did not say all of that.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Teachers !

Thank you very much for your answer Peter . Yes , you're absolutely right . I also do not always stick to grammar rules when speaking , and it's may be funny sometimes :)

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In the conversation at the Viking excavation office, the man said: "you'll need to be here for seven o'clock tomorow to pick up your tools"
Is FOR correct?, why not AT?

Hello Bcneta,

You're correct in thinking that 'at' (or 'by', which is used with deadlines) would be correct here, and in fact it is the most frequently used preposition in such a context. 'for', however, can be used in some varieties of British English – that's why you hear it here. I'd suggest that you use 'at' or 'by' in your speaking, though.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you very much for your response !