Philip is the CEO of WebWare, an IT company. He needs to hire a new sales director as soon as possible.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. You can also read the transcript.



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Hi there,
I couldn't watch the videos online and I don't know why, can you help solve it? This is from China, thanks!

Hello Liuning012,

Please try our Chinese-language site, which is optimized for users in China. If that doesn't work, you might be able to find these videos in our Youtube channel.

Please let us know if you need any other help.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello! This site is really helpful. It can improve your English communication. I think it starts from basic to complex grammar lessons. I am looking forward to learning more from your site. Thank you Learn English!

Hello Enen,

Thank you for your comment! It's great to know that we're helping people and making a difference for them.

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Is it possible to download this video?

Hello Frederic855,

I'm afraid the videos on LearnEnglish are not available for download for legal and technical reasons. On our audio-only pages we make the audio available as an mp3 file, but the videos are not accessible offline.


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I have took more then three times to listening and only three question answer is correct. It's very useful to learning English. Please keep more video and tasks.

hi. sorry but i didn't undrstand the last 3 expressions. what are for?

Hello khammal92,

I assume you mean these expressions:


give someone the axe
give someone their cards
give someone the boot


As the page says, these are 'less formal, but more colourful ways of saying the same thing' - i.e. a person being dismissed from their job.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Many thanks