Philip, CEO of IT company WebWare, can't believe what sales director Brian is telling him!

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Task 1

Choose the correct answers to the questions.  


Task 2

Business notes

In this episode WebWare’s CEO Philip Hart sacks his Sales Director for underperforming. Philip uses 2 expressions to do this. The first is I’m going to have to let you go which is quite a gentle way of expressing the fact. The second is You’re fired, which is a little more direct.

There are even more ways to express this in English. Dismiss and discharge are both quite formal:

He was dismissed for turning up late on a regular basis.

The director was discharged of his duties.

Other less formal, but more colourful ways of saying the same thing are:

give someone the axe

give someone their cards

give someone the boot



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


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I got some new vocabularies. Great.

in task- Which skills and experience are NOT essential for the new employee? how the answer is sales

Hello ahmed mohamed salem,

All three skills are positive, but they are described in different ways. For languages, Philip says 'they must be very good at English, and another language as well, Spanish, or Mandarin is best'. As far as teamwork goes, he says 'they have to be a team player'. These verbs - must and have to - show that these skills are essential. However, with regard to sales he says only 'Experience with online sales, perhaps – but yes, I’d be interested in that'. In other words, experience with sales is good, but not essential.


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