adverbials of place



We use adverbials of place to describe:


We use prepositions to talk about where someone or something is.


  • He was standing by the table.
  • You’ll find it in the cupboard.
  • Sign your name here – at the bottom of the page.


We use adverbials to to talk about the direction where someone or something is moving.


  • Walk past the bank and keep going to the end of the street.
  • The car door is very small so it’s difficult to get into.


We use adverbials to show how far things are:


  • Birmingham is 250 kilometres from London.
  • We were in London. Birmingham was 250 kilometres away.



Is home an adverb in the sentence 'She came home early.'?(location)

Peter. I'm sorry. I'm new here and I thought you'd somehow not seen my first question. I really appreciate your help. I read the reply after I posted the question the second time.

  1. i like it but the first question , the right answer i think is location :)

Hi Melita
because they do not show location here but moving there the next means move o Germany(toward Germany).this is actually direction.

Hello! I didn't understand why in the first question the answer is direction and not location, Germany isn't supposed to be a place? 
Thanks :)


The sentence reads:"He's going to Germany", so a movement towards a destination is being expressed.

Don't you think the second sentence in the exercise is incorrect?? The sentence "put bottles in the recycling bin" describes a movement, doesn' it?