count nouns


Count nouns have two forms: singular and plural.

Singular count nouns refer to one person or thing:

a book; a teacher; a wish; an idea

Plural count nouns refer to more than one person or thing:

books; teachers; wishes; ideas

Singular count nouns

Singular count nouns cannot be used alone. They must have a determiner:

the book; that English teacher; a wish; my latest idea

Plural forms

We usually add –s to make a plural noun:

book > books; school > schools; friend > friends

We add -es to nouns ending in –ss; -ch; -s; -sh; -x

class > classes; watch > watches; gas > gases; wish > wishes; box > boxes

When a noun ends in a consonant and -y we make the plural in -ies...

lady > ladies; country > countries; party > parties

…but if a noun ends in a vowel and -y we simply add -s:

boy > boys; day > days; play > plays

Some common nouns have irregular plurals:

Man > men; woman > women; child > children; foot > feet;
person > people

Plural count nouns do not have a determiner when they refer to people or things as a group:

Computers are very expensive.
Do you sell old books?



hello sir ,
i have confusion in question no 10 . that why we used "mice" instead of "mouse" ?

Hello Muhammad Hamid Khanzada,

This word has an irregular plural form: 'mice' rather than 'mouses'.

You can use our dictionary to check the form of individual items like this. Just type the word into the Cambridge Dictionaries Online window on the right and click 'Look it up!'

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

Dear Sir
I have 2 doubts
1.For the Qn,No:12 The most interesting Countries I have visited are in Asia. here the noun is countries , it is a plural noun , then how the determiner "The" comes at the beginning

2.For the QnNo:02 I think her children watch far too much television. here whether "her" determiner. (I refer to the example "my latest idea")


Hello Vinoth,

In question 12, 'the' is used as part of a superlative, which is explained on our comparative and superlative adjectives and definite article: the pages.

In question 2, 'her' is a possessive adjective modifying 'children', referring to the mother of the children who watch too much television.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,
The LearnEnglish Team

hello, i want to know in second question, why we use children weather we can use child also ?..

Hello varun yadav,

'Child' is a singular noun; we say 'one child'.

'Children' is a plural noun; we say 'ten children'.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish

Is it correct if I write:
Each class will order 5 type of books.
I need to order 5 glass of milk, 3 boxe of pens.
Thanks so much.

Hello Nell,

No, none of these correct, as the plural form of the noun is needed after the number 'five' or 'three': 'five types of books', 'five glasses of milk', 'three boxes of pens'.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

sir,i want to learn the uses of gerund in English.
please help me for this.

Hello asadulhaq,

The gerund is a noun formed from a verb using -ing. It can perform the same roles as any other noun - subject, object etc. You can find more information and examples, plus an exercise, on our page on -ing forms.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team