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先做 准备练习. 然后收听音频内容。之后到任务中做练习。你可以在任何时候参考文字文本,帮助理解。



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yes ,I checked

first ,I don't believe nature in humanity ,every human being is nurtured by what you saw and what you experienced throughout your development till adulthood .sometimes people always say someone is a jerk in nature in whatever good circumstance or education ,and they don't believe he or she will be good guy , ironically if he or she actually is a jerk later ,those people strengthen their view that people is natured but not nurtured . totally wrong ,let me tell you the fact ,people around you say you are a jerk and cannot be educated everyday ,then you believe you are an definite jerk whether you go get a good education or not ,therefore step the road to jerk .right ? in a word ,everyone can be nurtured and become what you wanna be in the future .
(one more thing ,nature is diffierent from talent ,I believe talent but not nature .)welcome to discuss or debate with me .you can reach me through email address ------------------ .a friendly Chinese guy .we can be good friend .

Hello humility,

Thanks for your comment! I just wanted to explain a couple of changes we had to make before it could be published. The first is the word 'jerk' instead of the other word you used. The other word can be considered a bit rude, which is why I replaced it with the less offensive word 'jerk', which has a similar meaning. The other is the deletion of your email address. I'm afraid our House Rules don't permit the sharing of personal information for legal reasons.

But I hope that another user responds to you here, as you've clearly thought about this and someone might agree or disagree with you.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team