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系列03 第10集-家庭事务

Harry想见Bindyu的父母,但是Bindyu担心她的家人可能会不喜欢Harry。为什么呢? Written by Chris Rose.

先在Preparation做准备练习,再听音频。然后到Tasks 里做练习。如果你需要帮助,可以随时到Transcript阅读文本获得帮助。

Task 1

Task 2

Sometimes a root verb can have two adjective forms; one ending in -ing and the other ending in -ed. Look at these two sentences.

Bindyu is worried about Harry meeting her family.
It is a worrying situation.

We use an adjective with -ed to describe a feeling.
We use an adjective with -ing to describe something that produces a feeling.


Task 3

Task 4


Language level

Intermediate: B1