I've been invited to an avoidance?

What's an avoidance?


Here the second person is like a cleaner.

I do not understood this joke but no problem!

thanks for your explanation. :) till now the joke is not understandable. :)

Thanks for helping me to improve my English, would you please, tell me how can i contact with native speakers to practice with them TO IMPROVE SPEAKING
many thanks.

that's my best :))

i learn what is the meaning of avoidance and i have fun thank you. my english is not good im new here i hope this will help me

Acting of omission and commission is mission impossible to me ;D .......

understanding the meaning of English jocks are very difficult for non English speakers .how ever looking up the words from dictionaries are easy but I cant find out what the jock meaning.

Hello nicky62,

Yes, you're right. Humour is different in different cultures and then the linguistic part of jokes can be difficult, too. I'll try to explain this one, but if it still doesn't seem funny to you, I wouldn't worry about it!

In this case, the joke is a play on the words 'dance' and 'avoidance'. Normally, a dance is an event people enjoy because they see other people, but an 'avoidance' (notice the word 'dance' inside the word 'avoidance', which makes 'avoidance' like a different kind of dance) is a dance where you don't want to see other people, which is the idea of the word 'avoidance'. Actually, the word 'avoidance' doesn't mean what it does in this joke, which is what is supposed to be funny.

I hope that helps you.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team