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Giving advice

In this video, Paul and Bob try to help Noelia with a problem. Listen to the language they use for giving advice and practise saying the useful phrases.

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and do the exercises to check your understanding and practise the language.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


I generally ask for advice to my friends or to my parents. Sometimes it's depend on the kind of the problem or situation in which I´m.


Well, it depends on what kind of advice I need. I have lots of friends who are good at different themes. Some of them can help me with my job, some know much about the law or car repairment or so.
My best friend helped me a lot when I renovated my flat. I just can imagine how could I cope without his advices.
I think it's good quality - to understand your weakness and ask for help someone much experienced or skilled.
Of course, I'm also ready to give advice when it needed. I - which is much important - don't give any advice if I wasn't asked )) Yeap, that's my superpower!

i ask advice of my parent and my sister for my problems.

i give advice many times.

Most of the time when I got a problem or doubt about something I'd ask my parents or brother. I rely on them at any situations and sure that they might help me to overcome any difficulties.

When I'm buzzeld in my job, I usually ask my boss. In my private life I ask my husband because he agrees with me :). It's a joke! He, my husband, usually give me an other point of view and it helps solving the problem.

Always, I ask my Dad because He is a wise man.

i ask my mom and my friend i think they will know what to do

I have asked for advice from my older sister. I don't like to share my life with anybody. I'm a reserved person. I would like to have the trust to tell my problems and concerns to my parents but I don't feel confort doing that because I think they cannot keep a secret.