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Creativity is GREAT - Part 1

From Wallace and Gromit to Ewan McGregor, Britain's cinema is great. Richard visits the London Film Museum and finds out about the facilities for making film in the UK.

Task 1

Which of these things do you see in the London Film Museum?


Task 2

Watch the video again, and select the best answer.


Task 3

Can you make sentences from the video using these words?


Task 4

Can you complete these sentences with the right words? Use of with which, whose or whom.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


I know why Great Britain has more creative people, per head of population, than anywhere else in the world. Because people from all over the world (talented people) emigrated to the Britannia and USA, and they still keep on doing this.

I'd say I watch a movie at least once a month, mostly on TV or on tablet though. We go to the cinema only when there are animation blockbusters.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy has always been my favorite. I have watched those films so many times and I still find them exciting.

Oh, how many British film stars and directors are around? This is a good question. I am actually not very sure. I usually cannot tell which person is from the UK. Some of them have so little accent, or I was completely absorbed in the story and forgot other things.

I like Daniel Radcliffe, Benedict Cumberbatch, and also Alan Rickman who just left us a few days ago. Audrey Hepburn was such a big name in world film history, whose fame is still rarely exceeded today. Elizabeth Taylor was a British too. I need to watch more movies and learn a lot about actors and directors.

Not very frequently nowadays.

Most of the time I watched from tv channel I like Nicole Kidman

I invented a game with a mate at six form college called Gymnasium, which was the idea of our ethic and arts and crafts teacher.

If i can, i watch a movies every week. I'm a very lover about cinema, I like Italian and English films. I'm very fascinated to English comedians for them sarcasm. I think i know a lot of British films, but my favourite, overall, is Trainspotting, thanks, also, to the great interpretation of Ewan McGregor.

I have problems with task 1 "Choose the things that the video shows at the London Film Museum", because I have problems with all the videos. I can't watch the video, so I can't finish this task. As for watching movies, I sometimes watch movies at home on computer. There are many kinds of movies on the internet. I like fiction movies and comedies best. And I also like cartoons. It's really hard for me to find out the differences between British stars and American stars. I don't think it's important where they are from, but how they try their best to portray their characters.

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It's been along time since I went to the cinema and I hardly see movies, however; I like watching anime and series in the television. I am not very familiar with the British stars and directors because I am not interested where they came from but with their performance in the movies and on how they portray their character to make the movie beautiful and interesting.

I hardly ever go to the cinema, I live in a small village and there isn't a cinema here, but every time I go to the city I try to watch a movie. My husband and I love epic ones.
The best of all times, of course is Brave Heart!!