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Do these exercises to learn the names of some drinks.


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Beginner: A1


hello us in france your favorite drink is coffee and lime c chocolate and finally the milkcheak :)

In Russia, very popular drinks are coffee, tea and various fizzy drinks.
I like to drink coffee every morning and tea the rest of the time.

The people where I live drink water, I like the or milk

There are so many kinds of drinks in China.When we have dinner with others ,we usually drink baijiu ,wine and beer.When we have afternoon tea with friends ,we often drink coffee or milk tea.My favourite drink is milk tea, you can add honey, red beans, jelly or everything you like in it.It tastes good, if you get a chance you can try it.

The people where I live drink tea, I like coffee and water.

mostly people drink depend on the time or condition
and my favorite drink is tea or lemon

Mostly it depends on time of the day In the morning we usually drink Tea in afternoon We take juice or milk shake for hydration of the body. My favourite drink is Milk

My favorite drink is tea

people here in egypt like tea but my favorite drink is milkshake and coffee

My family likes to have coffee and milk in the mornings, in the afternoons juice with ice or fizzy drinks and in the evening some tea.
I like to drink coffee and beer