Listen to some phone messages with directions to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Just thank you for the material

Whenever I'm asked to givie directions by visitors, I smile inside, saying "How unlucky you are!"...cuz I'm a wrong person to ask directions!!
˘˘̥( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ _ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )

I live in Shiraz, Iran. It's a big city and easy to get lost, but Google map and Waze
make routing easy.

My town has one hundred thirty thousand inhabitants: it's an average town; moreover its map is organized geometrically, the streets intersect each other. Therefore is it unlikely to get lost; but it every now and then happens that some visitors ask me directions.

Thank for this lesson.

We all enjoyed a map task the other day.
on your left ◆\(´-`) / \(´-`)/◇ on your right...!

Sometimes i gave directions to visitors but it is difficult to get lost in my town))

I'd like to go to the party but I can't go to
Without the invite me

I can't find the worrkup of section, please help me. Thanks so much!

Hello AnNguyen
We are working hard to create worksheets in PDF format for all of our new Skills pages, but I'm afraid it's going to take a use a few more weeks to finish them all. Please check again soon and you should find it here.
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