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Hello there
I live in Hamedan . There are six main streets at the city center. The design and map of this field was previously prepared and implemented by the German architect, Karl Friesch. Its so interesting and amazing city map .yes its so easy to get lost in my city, especially when you go shopping at the traditional bazaar of the city center , every six streets are along side and themain squre is circular around an axis. when you go into the bazaar and u want to go outside you hardly know which street you reach to.
I work at hotel so I often give directions to travelers.
many thanks . best regards.

I read your all comments. I've been improving my English skills through this web site, moreover, your comments is helpful as well.

I'm enjoying a lot even though it's quite tough for me.

I dont think this excercise match with a elementary level, I found it difficult.

Hello analia martinez,
Thank you for the feedback. The information we give about level is a guide for our users and is obviously only an estimate. It's very helpful for us to hear users' impressions like this.
The LearnEnglish Team

No it is not easy to lost in my town because people can help me they can tell me the directions to go back home, I was tell the visitor the direction

With Waze, no wrong directions :-)

exactly. it's useful

It was easy

I like this page for learn English