Joe visits an animal shelter and learns how wild animals live in the city.

Task 1

Match the descriptions to the video sections.


Task 2

Which of the sentences are true, and which are false?


Task 3

Drag the phrases which mean the same as the words IN CAPITALS to the right places.



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Dear Team
I think the second answer in Task 2 is ''false'', not ''true, according to the text.It refers ''most of the people are volunteers''.[That means maybe some people are paid.] Am I right?
Ever grateful,

Hello nikoslado,

The correct answer is 'True' because the next sentence says 'None of them (i.e. the people who work here) are paid'.

This, of course, would suggest that some of the people who work there are not volunteers but are also not paid. This sounds strange but it is possible. For example, there could be some people who are sent to work at the centre, such students doing internships as part of their studies.



The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you!

In the city I am usually see birds, dogs and cats.

The people who speaks about themselves like animal lovers are vegetarian, or animal lovers mean they love to eat animal flesh, or that people love one type of animal like part of their family but others love like as a steak, which groups are right? Whatever, if someone drink cow milk -- he must not to eat cow meat because she is a mother.

Hello vishnujana,

Usually an animal lover is someone who is interested in them, wants them to have good living conditions and to be treated in a certain way. An animal lover often has one or more pets at home as well.

Some animal lovers are vegetarian or even vegan, but many are not. I'm afraid I'm in no position to explain any more than that.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Kirk I get your idea, thanks.
But I think if a nation poses itself as animal lovers, in this case slaughterhouses must be closed.

hi my all posts showing unpublished why ?

Hello SILVI,

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I likes animals only indoor such as cow, goat and dog ,
I didn't participated in the charity for animals