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LearnEnglish Podcasts

LearnEnglish Podcasts app is a series of English learning podcasts to practise your English on the go.

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Listen to the British Council’s most popular English language podcasts in LearnEnglish Podcasts.

Improve your listening, reading and understanding of general and business English – any time, anywhere. LearnEnglish Podcasts has lots of special features that make learning English fun.

Podcasts are downloadable any time, so you can access the content offline. Then, when you have finished with an episode, you can delete it to make space on your phone.

LearnEnglish Podcasts – key features

* New podcasts are added every week, so you never run out of things to listen to. We have podcasts on a range of topics, from language learning tips to information about the world, so there is something for everyone.

* Downloadable episodes mean you can listen offline. But don’t worry, when you have done with an episode you can delete it, so it doesn’t use up space on your phone.

* Interactive audio scripts allow you to repeat hard-to-hear phrases or new vocabulary easily. Plus, pitch control means you can slow down the audio speed if the speaker is a bit difficult to understand.

* Background playing means that you can listen to the audio while the screen is off, which means you can slip your phone in your pocket and listen to podcasts on the go.

* Enjoy simple exercises for every episode of content, with a progress screen so that you can track your progress.

* Share what you’re watching and listening to through Facebook, Twitter and email with integrated social media sharing. Celebrate your progress with your friends.


Some one can help me ? when i kick the icon to start the "Elementary Podcasts" it's do not work and show " Cache not found , please connect to internet" ,
my device is 7.7 PAD(3G) of samsung galaxy series. and internet is always on line to.

Hi @c.k.Lam,
Thanks for getting in touch. We have major server problems this week and everyone is seeing this error message. We're working hard to get things back online. 
We'll update in this thread once things are back up,
Sorry for the inconvenience,
Neil for the LearnEnglish Mobile team 

Its amazing!!! realy usefull for everybody.. i love to talk in English as you talk but i can't. By listening these every time i realise that i am developing...
Thank You Thanks a looooooootttt :)

This is fantaaaaaaastic! How can you be so perfect?
I love how they talk, the contents they speak about, the structures of each section! I can keep the tapescripts at hand!
Thank you so much for the hugely helpful materials! British Council is always the best! 

Hello Norinoire,
We're blushing! Thank you very much for your lovely comment. We're very happy that you like LearnEnglish so much and we hope you tell all your friends and family about it!
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team


This App, like the other British Council APPs, is an awesome work. They help learners who have internet access improve their English whenever and wherever they want.
I have them in my iPhone but I can't use them all the time because in my country, Yemen, we don't have internet access in all institutions and areas. These applications help only those who are able to buy such devices, and most people in poor countries face difficulty to buy this kind of expensive  devices.
I am wondering if the British Council can provide applications that do not need internet connection, and  if they can contact some companies to make cheap devices that allow  poor people use the British Council products to improve their English. 


Hello ,
I new. I  try to get the download audio file.

Do you want to download the app for your mobile phone or the mp3 files?  You can download the app through the buttons above (for example, Available on the App Store).  
If you are looking for the mp3 files, you can find these in the Instructions and Downloads section of each episode, for example:
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Mobile Team