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LearnEnglish Podcasts

LearnEnglish Podcasts app is a series of English learning podcasts to practise your English on the go.

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Listen to the British Council’s most popular English language podcasts in LearnEnglish Podcasts.

Improve your listening, reading and understanding of general and business English – any time, anywhere. LearnEnglish Podcasts has lots of special features that make learning English fun.

Podcasts are downloadable any time, so you can access the content offline. Then, when you have finished with an episode, you can delete it to make space on your phone.

LearnEnglish Podcasts – key features

* New podcasts are added every week, so you never run out of things to listen to. We have podcasts on a range of topics, from language learning tips to information about the world, so there is something for everyone.

* Downloadable episodes mean you can listen offline. But don’t worry, when you have done with an episode you can delete it, so it doesn’t use up space on your phone.

* Interactive audio scripts allow you to repeat hard-to-hear phrases or new vocabulary easily. Plus, pitch control means you can slow down the audio speed if the speaker is a bit difficult to understand.

* Background playing means that you can listen to the audio while the screen is off, which means you can slip your phone in your pocket and listen to podcasts on the go.

* Enjoy simple exercises for every episode of content, with a progress screen so that you can track your progress.

* Share what you’re watching and listening to through Facebook, Twitter and email with integrated social media sharing. Celebrate your progress with your friends.


Hi @mjjv,
If you have a phone that is compatible with this app (Android, Apple, Samsung Wave, many Nokia, BlackBerry (very soon) you can use the app to download the audio.
Alternatively, you can download the files directly from and move themn onto your phone's internal memory via your computer.
Hope that helps,
The LearnEnglish Mobile Team

 Is there any app for personal computer ?

i think it's avaliabe

Hi Guys,
I'm from India, can anyone help me to improve my English knowledge with brief conversation between us, so that it will easy for me to learn English easily soon.

 I Danita ,pls share idea to give vocabulary,I have problem remember it (^ ^")

Do you guess i well success?

Hi everyone. I jionted to site yesterday and I want to find some friends to learning beter english. Oh, i forget i'm from Iran.

Hi saijad
i´m from austria, and i´m searching for people to have conversation in english with me. We can write email or talk via skype.
What do you think about this? How old are you and whats you profession?
I´m looking forward to hear from you.