Do these exercises and learn some words to talk about the weather.


Language level

Beginner: A1


The whether is warm and sunny.

The weather today looks nice. it is warm and sunny .

In central Mexico the weather is warm with a storms and some places have fog or are hot, it depends the high of place.

In the i live thế weather : cold, hot, Rain, sun and fog

The weather where I live happen various: sun, dry, rain, storm, snow, fog, wind, warm, cold. It depend from seasons

In the winter the weather is temperate and in the summer is normally hot and humid.

I live in the north of Spain. It's rained for five days. Now, it's cloudy outside, i think it's going to rain. It always rain here.

I live in the middle east, the weather is very hot in almost the year. However, from october to march, the weather become acceptable to go out.

I live in Shiraz,Iran. There are four seasons, rainy, hot, cold, snowy. In my country, Iran, different cities have the various weather. For example, in summer, city like Tabriz is very cold, while Bandarabbas is very hot.

where i live, the wheather is warm, sometimes can be hot an sometimes can be rainy