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C1 advanced: Pros and cons of mobile phones

Gemma is sick of being ignored while Sam is on his phone. In this video they discuss the pros and cons of being constantly connected. What will they decide to do? 

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Advanced: C1


Hi Folks,

I hardly take my phone in my hands when I am with Friends, as I really enjoy the time being with them and talk over series of interesting topics and what has changed since we last met. But, I also use my phone for a very short time, if I have to take a call or when something is really inevitable.
From my point of view, below are some pros and cons of mobile phones.
1. You can take care of many important things while you are on move.
2. You are connected to your loved ones, and are just a button click away from having a conversation with anyone you want.
1. Just like any other thing, overdoing it is really not good for you as you miss so much of what's going around you.
2. If you get too addicted, you might not be able to decide when to stop doing what you are doing with your mobile phones.
3. It might also cause negative effect on your relationships, if you are too glued to you phone rather than spending time with those around you.

Hi Folks and hope you all doing good.

I always turn off my mobile phone when I spend time with my friends as they are so important for me.

Pros :
1. It totally depends on the purpose of using the mobile phones like in an emergency you can connect with your loved ones to let them know of your situation.
2. To pass on any information instantly to someone who needs it badly.

Cons :
1. Getting distracted with unwanted calls like Spam calls
2. Too much usage of mobile phone will affect mentally and lead to stress
3. Using phones at night will hamper good sleep ending up insomnia

Hi Team Learn English,

Hope you all are healthy and safe!

I am writing you to thank you for uploading such useful speaking lessons.
it helped me a lot in improving my speaking skill. I would request you to upload more lessons so that i can improve my speaking skills much more.

Thank you

Hello Mamta Gusain

Thanks for your lovely comment – it's always nice to hear that people find our site useful for improving their English.

We have created a new series of videos at the A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels for this section and are working hard to prepare them for publication. I expect they should be finished and available by early July, so please be sure to keep an eye on this page.

In the meantime, you can also find a few other videos at these levels on LearnEnglish Teens (follow the link).

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

I do not use my phone generally when i am with my friends. There are number of pro and cons of using mobile phones. on one hand it connects us to our nearest and dearest. it helps us in making our life easier in many ways.
on the other hand we face a lot of disadvantage. it distracts us from happening around us in real. everybody is busy in chat and messages. nobody wants to gather around.

Recently, l am really conscious about using phone when l meet my friends and have a chat with them. I keep my phone in a bag and l try to fully concentrate and pay attention for a person in front of me, and l really appreciate if my friends at the table do the same. I think is polite, my mates or family is worthy of listening, and l do it on protest against overusing mobile and replacing face to face conversation by social media.
Of course using phone has many advantages as we can call for help in emergency situation, we are able to keep in touch with my friends and family specially these times, and l have constantly access to useful information. I communicate with university, employer, manage a flight, check-in, online order, internetbaking.
I would say smartphone is an essential device for my life.
I am aware of disadvantages and plan digital detox on a daily base.

When I am with my friends, generally, I tend to use my mobile phone only if i have the necessity to utilize it, because I prefer chat with them rather than employing it.
I think that the pros and cons to have a mobile phone are these: on one hand, you know that, in case of need, you can contact someone that you have to reach, also for emergency; than, you can obtain infos which you requires, etc...; on the other hand, when we, making use of it, take it very near to us or, even worse, in contact with our body, radiation electromagnetics, that it emits when switched on, hit our body and this is unealthy for us; another disadvantage of having a mobile phone, according to me, is that, like Gemma said, utilizing it you could being distracted from what happening around you even if, in some cases, such as when you have to use it for work or for emergency, the possibility of employing it is much more important than the fact of paying complete attention to what is happening around us.


I generally do an equilibrated use of my mobile. I use it to speak with my family and friends, but not every day. You can decide to the "owner" of the phone or to let your phone control you and make you a "slave". it is up to you.

I and my friends have a rule of our own, that is nobody can use mobile phone when being together. I think it is a great rule for all people to contact with each other when they have a meeting.
I think mobile phones have many advantages. Firstly, it is easy for people to contact right away. Secondly, people can use mobile phones everywhere, everytime such as listen to music while waiting for the bus or chatting with friends even you are lying on the bed.
Besides, it also has some negative effects on a human's life. As I see, people nowadays spent too much time surfing the net on mobile phones. Moreover, mobile phones can hurt people's relationships.