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Level: intermediate

Mitigators are the opposite of intensifiers. When we want to make an adjective less strong we use these words: fairly, rather, quite

By the end of the day, we were rather tired.
The film wasn't great, but it was quite exciting.

and in informal English: pretty

We had a pretty good time at the party.

Be careful!

Level: advanced


When we use quite with a normal adjective, it makes the adjective less strong:

The food was quite bad.
(= The food was bad but not very bad.)

My nephew is quite clever.
(= My nephew is clever but not very clever.)

But when we use quite with a strong adjective, it means the same as absolutely:

The food was quite awful.
(= The food was absolutely awful.)

As a child he was quite brilliant.
(= As a child he was absolutely brilliant.)

Level: intermediate

Mitigators with comparatives

We use these words and phrases as mitigators:

a bit
just a bit
a little
a little bit
just a little bit


She's a bit younger than I am.
It takes two hours on the train but it is a little bit longer by road.
This one is rather bigger.

We use slightly and rather as mitigators with comparative adjectives in front of a noun:

This is a slightly more expensive model than that.
This is a rather bigger one than that.

Mitigators 1


Mitigators 2



This is absolutely brilliant. i like this grammar section

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Hello The LearnEnglish Team,
Unfortunately, I cannot see any sentences in this task. How do I fill in the words into this task?
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Hi everyone. Nice to meet you all! I really enjoy learning in here! Thanks for 'Learn English' Team!
May I say 'She's a bit younger than me.' rather than 'She's a bit younger than I am.'?
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Hi Kou,
Yes, you can say that! Both of them are good English.
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The LearnEnglish Team

It was a good exercise for someone who wants to emprove their english.

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