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Episode 03 - What do you like doing?

Julia and Sammy meet again in the park, but this time he has a question for her. Will she say yes or no?



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


i had some difficult


GREAT leasson

from this section i have started getting difficulties

It's great method for learning.THANKS

Exuse me, may be somebody explain... Why "i enjoy shopping" (task 2) is not correct ++?

Hello Alexandra93,

'Enjoy' is not one of the options. You need to put one of the words or phrases at the top into each gap. You can choose from th loves, hate, love, don't like, can't stand and don't like.

Click on a phrase and then click on the space where you think it should go.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hello! I have a problem with tasks. I can't do task:( Foe example I see only 3 questions in 1 task... Can somebody help me?Problem with flesh player? But last lessons was opened...:(

Hello Alexandra93,

This task is a grouping task. There are three categories (the boxes) and seven words (above the boxes) to put into the categories. You need to click on one of the words (e.g. 'museums') and then click on the categoy (e.g. 'Julia likes'). When you have put all the words into categories, click 'Finish'.



The LearnEnglish Team

I'm sorry, but I have a problem with tasks? Some tasks isn't open correct! I can't do all exercise? I think it is a technical mistake.