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Episode 04 - Where are you?

Sammy and Julia are happy to go shopping together. What could possibly go wrong?



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


hello everbody,
Yes, I remembered like that problem. When I was a Unıversity I met with my friend somewhere after we commmunicated with mobile phone we wanted to decided meeting point. Unfortunately, we misunderstood each other. My friend was waiting to Near Halkbank( it is bankname) while I was waiting near the Akbank ( it's bankname too). Because My friend Could not spell H letter. After We met without H letter place. İt was ver funny. good evening
All the best

This lesson was a little easy...

that class is a bit difficult

Nowadays... SNS and GPS help us to find someone easier.

Have you ever had a hard time finding someone in a public place? How did you find them?

Answer: Yes, I had a hard time finding my brother at CheragAli in Dhaka City. I had been finding him for half an hour. He had said me several directions that I didn't know.
Finally we had met each other at Banglalink Tower at CheragAli road.


The first time I went grocery shopping with my old dad at the local supermarket on a Saturday morning I lost track of him, which I found was a very upsetting situation. Now, we have decided about a meeting point, so that every week when I take him to the store, we can go separate ways if we need to buy different things, and I still know where to find him once we've finished shopping and are ready to check out.

When I go to the market with my wife I always lose her. We entry together but she need to see some stuffs in others departaments while I am buying the food. In these case I have do call her and ask where did she stay.

Yes I also had a such a situation.I missed my friend at the Mall. We went to the Mall just for time pass.While walking ... she liked a dress on the display statue and she went to that shop for looking that dress . but I wasn't aware that,I went down the escalator. Then I knew that she was not with me.So I called her to know where she was? Then I went back ,I just found her there..
Now all are using mobile phones so it's easy to find a person .Nowadays technologies are very helpful...

Yes, I had a few hard times finding a friend of mine at a meeting spot. Because I totally misunderstood the place. I'm not good at location information, I still don't know where I am..........!