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Episode 05 - Speaking or eating?

Sammy and Julia go out for dinner in a restaurant. Why can't they enjoy their meal together?



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


In our culture, speaking while eating is impolite.

really where are you from?


I try not to answer a mobile call when I talk to someone.

when i am with other people, at lunch, dinner, in cafetteria or other place, i can hardly take off the telephone. i switch off the sound but any time watch if there are notifications or calls. i am victim by telephone distraction (-:

i often switch my phone to silent when i chat with anybody.

I don't usually use my phone when i meet other people, but sometimes I have to answer the phone if someone calls me.

I'll put on silence or other time I let my phone in the purse

I'll just swicth it off and switch on after the diner.

i put it in silent mode