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Episode 05 - Speaking or eating?

Sammy and Julia go out for dinner in a restaurant. Why can't they enjoy their meal together?



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


i put my phone silent state

To manage the phone we have numerous ways. For me, When I am with other people I switch my mobile phone to silent mode frequently. In addition, I can you the smart watcht connecting to mobile phone then I can control my mobile effectively.

The call may be important so I used to select call.

i'll switch my phone to silent mode or switch off my phone

When I am with other people I turn on vibrate mode.

I hate when i meet up with my friends and they are busy with their phone. I talked to put their phone down and switch it off, but it never works.

when I meet other people, I will turn on vibrate mode for my phone.

It depend with who I am! for example with my friend, I can answer. Otherwise in meeting, classroom or interview, I switch off my mobile phone or turn to silence mode.

If I stay whit other people and my phone is ringing then I not answer the phone only if I think the caller is not important. Otherwise I should answer.

I used to select call. The most important regarding my familly, I apologize and take them.