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Episode 09 - Family photos

Sammy shows Julia some photos of his family. Does Sammy have a son?!



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I have un Nephew his name is RAYAN, He lives in African continent and He has ten years ago, it is very beautiful little boy, but him and me, we can not see us because the distance does not allow it !

I don't have),

I have a nephew,, his name is Vito. He's 3 mounths old!! He's very beautiful and I love him very much. He lives in a city 300 Km from mine therefore I can't see him as I would like.

i don't have :-(

HI, no I don't have any.

I only have 2 nieces. They are Grace and Gaby. Now my sister and sister in law are pregnant. They will give a birth in summer. So I will get more nieces n nephew. I see them once a year because I go to Indonesia every year to meet them for couples week.

Why I can't watch the video?

Hello danielcao2017,

I suppose you saw my response to your other comment. I'd recommend trying a different browser or device, or trying our Chinese site.

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