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Episode 13 - Horoscopes

Julia and Sammy read their horoscopes. What is their future together?



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The video doesn't play. I tried many videos in other levels, they didn't play either. I want to know why. Is it because the area that I live? What a pity it is!

Hello BING70,

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hi everyone
I like to read magazines of general information, events, politics, ciencia, etc. about horoscopes I think this is a good hobby, especially if the predictions are good for me, haha

I love magazines about engineering, science, economics and political topics.
I don't believe in horoscopes, I think that It's silly and I don't read them.

Hi guys,

I don't like read Any magazine. I prefer read kind of books.
Firstly, I don't believe horoscopes. İt is really silly. How can decide your life or your future some article. Because, Our life. Horoscope can't know to happing among us.secondly Everyone is different because of we live different place in the world. and we have different emotion. For example, I was be unhappy when I get up early. I met some peaople. they have same horoscopes just the same they have different habits and different emotion. Finally I advice you ; You shouldn't its. this is your life that is not their life

I read two newspapers every day. I think that horoscopes are false.

I like to realize the new and modern hotels which recently built with the high tech all over the world. I am so eager to see the best tourists places around the world with the pics of them as well.
I like to read weekly science and medical magazines that offer the new and modern medical equipment and technology.
I wonder if various and newest ways of treatment of diseases are published recently.
i like reading famous novels from the popular writers especially reading poems and etc. I do not believe in horoscopes but I think that the Chinese zodiac's features are correct most of the times. It's so interesting to predict one th , for example, goat and horse could be happy together in future.

I don’t like magazine , i like Books and Novels..well, fundamentally i don’t believe in horoscope it just for entertainment as i think ...coz usually they talking about normal things happen in our life .

I do not like reading magazines. And I also do not believe in horoscopes.
It would be better if we take care what we are doing not the future. :-)

I'm a horse like Sammy. We are competible according to the chinese zodiac :)