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Episode 15 - Is there a campsite?

Sammy is excited about taking Julia to his favourite campsite. There's just one problem ...



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Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


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I'm afraid we don't have a solid plan for the next episodes yet. I'm sorry not to be able to tell you anything more specific.

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Yes, I love to camping because there would be many group participation games if I went with my classmate. It would be fun. I prefer to stay youth hostel when I'm on vacation since I can save more money to buy some local crafts.

Cool listening task!!!
My friends and I have gone camping recently. Fresh air, fast flowing estuary and breathtaking view of the site was gorgeous. There was not a camp but a small hut where we rented. Trip was amasing. Lots of snapshots were taken. We had a wonderful three-day trip.

I like camping if there are wooden huts but not tens. Usually campsites are situated near by the river or in the forest. So that is realy always amaizing.

Yes, I do really like camping. It depends of the place where I travel to.

I've never camped..... so it's a tempting activity for me!
I want to stay under a stadium of stars!

Yes, I do. I'd like camping in Iran's northern forests.

Yes, I like camping. For a lot of years I went to a seaside camping in Toscany with my husband and my children. It was very funn. For a little time, when I go on holiday, I like book a hotel or a small flat, because they are more comfortable.

Sammy: There are great facilities. There are lots of sports facilities.
The sentence in transcript. There are two plural nouns 'sports facilities' together here. I see it at first here. I wonder how is strange ,i do not understand that. what is the diffience from sport facilities and sports facilities ?

Hello mitykg,

The construction here is [adjective + noun] and the word sports (or sport) is functioning as an adjective. There is no difference in meaning but I would say that sports is more common.



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