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Episode 15 - Is there a campsite?

Sammy is excited about taking Julia to his favourite campsite. There's just one problem ...



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


I don't like camping and for my holidays and traveling I always stay at the hotel.
Because, the all mod cons is there.

I've never been camping it doesn't applie to me, I prefer staying in hotels.

Yes, of course I love camping since I used to be a boy scout when I was young. I do remember a night at a camp in some mountain. I saw the Milky Way and the full of stars in the sky! It was breathtaking, I'll never ever forget the scene! Unfortunately, my wife, like Julia prefers to staying at a hotel though....

Campsite is great idea for holiday. You can watch and take part in many actions but I think it is a bit noisy. When i have a trip for holiday, i like to look at the nature views, and experience with native people to learn more about new things of their living and hear about their thought.

I really like camping because it's very happy when dancing around the fire, grill meat and eat together, sing together, play some game and wake up in a new place, forest, for example

I do not like campsite. When I am on holiday or travelling I like to stay in hotels because there are swimming pool, a good coffee and an excellent bed.

I have some experience with camping in Australia. I prefer in Spring as weather not to hot or not to cold. So you can enjoy outside activities such as fishing, walking...I like to stay at hotel when I am on holiday or go oversea.

I can`t say that I like camping very much. I more prefer to spent free time with nature but in a comfortable hose somewhere in the countryside. To have a rest with nature it doesn`t mean to sleep on the ground in a tent. But I think that everyone in his live should do it, because it`s great experience for survival in an emergency.

I like camping in summer, I would like hotel in the others season.

Camping is so interesting to me, I would like to get a camping bus and go to the forest or mountains.