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Episode 15 - Is there a campsite?

Sammy is excited about taking Julia to his favourite campsite. There's just one problem ...



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I like travelling, I enjoy sight seeing at the country side but prefer to sleep in a hotel where there is security and lots of amenities.

Although there are plenty of people who like camping, i dislike it. To my way of thinking i believe that camping has more inconvenient. Thus, i prefer to have a package holiday. On my travelling, i am keen on staying in a luxury hotel. This is because staying in a five star hotel would be comfortable.

although a lot of people like camping, I prefer to have a comfortable trip , so I'd like to stay in a hotel and travel by plane, to be honest I find the hotels more convenient than campsites. but this should be considered that more money should be spent on hotels.

Well I am from the country, and the life there is more delicious, even I live in the city, there are moments I miss my homeland.

I love camping because you can be surrounded by nature. Obviously, you don't have lots of comforts but for me doesn't matter. then usually, when I travel or I'm on holiday I like to book a hostel, it could be better than a hotel because you can meet foreign people and chat with them otherwise you'll be alone in a single room without chatting to anyone. Personally, I prefer hostel but sometimes hotel it's a good idea as well.

i dont like campsite, i 'm as julia. i like a comfort in the hotel durant my holidays. Even if there is the campsite four star.

Hello guys, Yes I like camping, but When I go in holidays, I like to stay and sleep in the hotel room, because I like it. thank you

I like travelling, I really enjoy. I prefer to stay in an hotel where there is all facilities and security.

what is the difference between are not and aren't? why show answer wrong?