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How to ask someone to repeat something

Learn different ways you can ask someone to repeat what they have said.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the task. You can read the transcript at any time.



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Intermediate: B1


Hello! Usually I use "pardon me or I beg your pardon" to ask somebody to repeat something, is it correct to say that? new friends....I`m glad to be in your community.....I`m from Romania...and my boss sometimes I need yor help to improve my english.

So..regarding this OK to say``can you repeat , please?``is impolite? 

Hi freenicos,

To my ear, 'can you repeat, please' sounds polite, but it isn't something I would normally say.Try using some of the phrases from the beginning of the video:

'I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.

'Could you say that again (please)?'


The LearnEnglish Team

 Oh my god, British accent is difficult, but i love you guys.

It is a nice video. Thank you for providing these and other videos which helps us to learn better english.

i can not see the video, i do not know why
please help me.
thank you

Hello Abdesselam,
Sorry to hear about your problem seeing the video. Can you tell me what web browser you are using? Are you able to see other videos on this site? Or other videos on the internet?
Best wishes,

Hello, The LearnEnglish Team 
Could I say "Do it again" if I want someone to repeat something or it is bad English? I've heard it on TV that's why I'm asking.
As for the topic, I couldn't catch what the women's first phrase was. According  the right answer
 on question1she supposed to say that she DIDN'T quite catch that. 
But in my opinion on video she definitely say "I CAN'T quite catch that." So could you listen it again. 
Please, let me know if I'm wrong. I'm trying to improve my English very much so do you mind checking my grammar. It would be great to find here some exercises on writing too.
Thank you. I hope you'll exuse my nagging.

Hello Andrew,
I've never heard anyone say 'do it again' in that way. Perhaps they said 'say it again'? That does mean 'repeat it', although it's not very polite.
As for the first thing the woman says, I watched the video again and I'm fairly sure she says 'I didn’t quite catch that'. It's very fast!
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

thank you so much for this video, It's very good for me and my friends . Thank you British council again.