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How to ask someone to repeat something

Learn different ways you can ask someone to repeat what they have said.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the task. You can read the transcript at any time.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


Hi. I am new... the video is interesting but I am not good in speaking and writing the language. Can  you advise me some sites where people meet and discuss?

Hi, Natasha
there,s lot more to learn. look there are audio, video and written material on thhis site, you can listen and watch, you can read transcripts and do the given exercises,this will help you and you will feel that you are improving to speak and write in english. Don.t feel shy. I am also new like you.few days later i started to visit this site regularly, firstly, i was confused from where to start? becaus there is much more above my expectations. 
Listening and reading will help u to speak !
i am also a learner, i have to improve all four skills.
I hope i will see you on this site,bye

i want to b friends with u guys.hello!!!!

this is really maked me laugh nice to c u everybody.
                                                                                                           luv u

 i like this lesson very much because its help to improve my English.

Riding a donkey ,he is on his way home happily.On his way home ,he is thinking that when he sells these donkey at home and makes some money,his folks will definitely admire him."With five donkeys, I would earn....what!!one~!two!three!four...How come there are only four donkeys with me>?? one!two!there!four!five...HEY,IT'S so srange.none missing.five donkeys here ,maybe my eyes got blurred just now .."he got on one donkey again .
 "clearly , one, two ,there ,four ...YEAHHH..There is still one missing."he came down .."ONE TWO THERE FOUR FIVE ,THERE ARE FIVE HERE INDEED..OH, as long i ride one donkey, there would one missing.yes that'it
i'm not going to ride one. this way, there won't be anyone missing ...
It is a metaphor, meaning that one has something with him, but he tries to find it somewhere else.

It like a chinese idiom :Look for a horse on horseback
It has a traditional story :There was a man called Wang San in the past.He want to earn big money by doing business.Taking a sum of money with him,he joyfully gets to the market.Wang San thinks these little donkeys are not bad and that he should buy some.
"Sir,i'd like to buy a few donkeys and sell them in my home village.Do U think it's profitable?"
  "Of course, it is .If it's not ,U just come back to me ."
hearing this from the donkey seller,Wang instantly bought five young donkeys.

Hi, i am new... i like this video very much...

 it z really helpful.....and thnq a lot...

It's so nice.