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How to ask someone to repeat something

Learn different ways you can ask someone to repeat what they have said.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the task. You can read the transcript at any time.



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Intermediate: B1


Hi,everybody.Nice to hear something new.Generally all the dialogues are good.But I would like to download the songs that given in the ''learn English'' for eg;there is a song about jobs.I shall have open lesson about jobs andi want to give it [to sound ]in the classroom.If you allow me to take it it would be better for me and for the children who wants to learn .Thank you.

Hi Tarana,
We have made almost all of the audio on the site available for download and we are planning to do the same for the video next year. There are some technical and legal problems we have to solve first, so please understand if we can't do it instantly.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Lol, nice video! It was funny !!

 Hi friends, 
What's up, Nice to meet you here
I like this listen & watch, its really helping
Have a good day.

hello everyone, i'm annica .
This is my first time using this web site and i've been watched that video.
That was so interesting by the way i hope i can improving my english language.
I like people gives me some feedback and correct my sentances xD

Hi! I am new to here too.. Nice to meet u all..

my english language is so weak i cannot speak them. how can improve them,

Im new too. Nice to meet you everyone .

 nice video,nice it so much :)

 Hi i'm new here...i'm from albania...l like this video it was cool.!!