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How to understand the differences between British and American English

Learn some common words that are used differently in British and American English.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the task. You can read the transcript at any time.



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Intermediate: B1


I love British and American English, both of them are really good, really beautiful.

I'm totally in agreement with you

 i have got a better idea between american and british english as far as few words are concerned, the ones which are spoken in the Audio. I used to use both words like film sometime movie without knowing whether they are belong of american or british english.

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Hi, I'm a new user here, Learn English is very nice. Always that I can will be studying, thanks. 

That was actually very nice...sometimes things get pretty confusing if you're using words that in England mean something else than in the US

This is a wonderful webpage..thanks a lot.

it s very interesting lesson, becouse i want to know this diferences.

it's very interesting but at this moment, i would like speak english and not now american. Thanks for this lesson.

 i really like both of u. I am improving my English skills day by day  I know many words in English but I can't identify were it  was  an American or a British words. please help to to identify them