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Series 03 Episode 05

تس ورافى يتحدثان عن كرة القدم والهمجيين فى المملكة المتحدة وكيف قد تغيرت الأشياء. آدم فى أجازة لذا لدينا روب فقط هذا الأسبوع.

Tess & Ravi

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Tell us something about football. Which team do you support? Why? What do football fans do in your country? What happens at football matches?

If you don’t like football, tell us why not?

Send us your comments and we’ll talk about your answers in the next podcast.



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Intermediate: B1


OK that is a fantastic subject I am a big fan for football matches my favorite team is al tiihad club from saudia arabia my older bro support me to be a fan to altiihad team in ksa people sing when the match play and the worse things they do are throw bottle to the enemy football players if their team get loss the match

hello , I had been support Zamalik Team since 20 years ago, it's a famous football team , but they aren't the headmost team in Egypt , Al Ahley is most team get the cup , but they seems the majority , i 'm almost standing in the other side
the football fans are more organized last few years , we have two big groups ,White Nites and AHLAWY Ultras , the media described them as hooligans , but all of Egyptian love them.

I have two questions about this exercise :
The first one is concerns question 4/8 on tab 3 : when we say manager in this sentence, does it refere to the referee or to the coach?
Second question : I usually use google translation English to French and it says that umpire means referee too while the exercise says that it's a wrong answer.
Here is the link that I used  :
I'll be wainting for your answer.

Hello Hind!
Welcome to LearnEnglish!

In the first sentence, manager refers to the coach; usually, a football team's manager is the head coach. Football fans often get angry at the manager if the team does badly!

For your second question, umpire and referee do actually mean more or less the same thing - someone who makes sure sportspeople follow the rules of their particular game. However, by tradition, some sports have umpires, while others have referees. Cricket and tennis have umpires, while football has referees. A little confusing - but that's just the way it is!

Hope that helps
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team