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Series 03 Episode 16

آدم منبهر بكل ما تعرفونه عن لندن. فى نيوكاسل تقابل كارولينا عميلاً بشعاً في متجر وتكون هذه مجرد بداية ليوم سيء جداً.

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If you don’t live at home or you lived away from home in the past, do you (or did you) ever feel homesick? If so, what do you do to make yourself feel better? Even if you’ve never felt homesick, what advice would you give to Carolina to make herself feel better?


Language level

Intermediate: B1


I was in Malaysia to studied English and that was first time traveling by my self the first days was incredible and difficult I was saw the window and talked with my self why you come here ? and sometimes cry but of course everything is difficult at the beginning but after to get to know friends and places you never thinking like that at all

Hello I'm very excited

Thank you so much

Hi ,
thank you very much , I'm very happy with you :)  

I was the superior graduate and i was supposed to continue my studies overseas instead i found my self drudging in a modest work 11800 mile away from home.
do i get homesick? yes of course, do i get into embarrassing situations? yes
but i didn't cry while talking to my family over the phone, this is an irresponsible act.
My advice is life isn't fair, besides you are a grown up woman so get over it like others do.
That may seem harsh but it is for your interest.

landan best of cty

very nice  history  and i am very happy becouse i understand it . it is very easy for me 

It's a nice story. I don't feel homesick like Carolina but I feel her embarrassing situation in the shop with this aggressive customer. This situation will give her more power to continue learning English, but first she should pass her homesick feeling.

hallo every body.... very nice history;