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Series 03 Episode 03

تس ورافي يناقشان موضوعاً يحب كثير من البريطانيين التحدث عنه طوال الوقت - هل تستطيع أن تخمن ما هو؟ آدم يعطي تقريراً عن بعض من الطرق المختلفة التي أخبرتمونا أنكم تستخدمونها فى تحية بعضكم البعض.

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Tell us about the climate in your country.

Is it always the same or does it change a lot? What are the best times of year and the worst? What temperature do you think is a hot day and what temperature do you think is a cold day?


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Intermediate: B1


Brazil is a big country and the weather is different according to region. For example, South of Brazil is near the Antartic, in the fall and winter the weather gets cold, cloudy, sometimes frost occurs. The Southeast gets cold too, but not like South. In the center of Brasil and northest the wether change a quite bit, always is dry and hot. In the North, because of Amozonia, the Wether is hot e wet, almost everyday of the year. If you lives in the Southeast or in the South, you can ran form the winter season going to Northeast, in there are a lot of beaches where you can enjoy the winter with a lot of sun.

hi actually I am from Eritrea BUT I live in Saudia Arabia i going to talk about Saudia weather so the weather here is same all year hot in summer and warm or a cold when i say cold i do not mean snowing i mean the coldest temperature is 20 degree and the Humidity is high especially in summer

I cant find meaning of the wordLangtucoiam

Hello mali,

Langtucoiam is a name: Langtucoiam from Vietnam.



The LearnEnglish Team

well, in Egypt weather is not so bad , it's almost temperate in Cairo, countryside is changeable a day ,in Sharm , Hurghada and Sinai you can see 4 season in one day , i hope it rain every day , I don't like hot and sunny sky
the temperature in countryside is not so hot and not so cold but it rain a lot , Cairo is different it's about 33 - 39 in the summer and 18 - 24 in the winter , the best time of year is surely March, April and May , you can regard to Sep. , Oct. Nov. is partly temperate
I think the hot day is about over 28 degree , and so cold in less than 16 degree
hope a nice day for all.

we are in palestine enjoying moderate weather due to the effects of medterenian sea , but somedays in summer are very hot but bearable .

In my country the weather changes a lot except that we have sunny days all year round.
It gets hot in jully with a temperature that could attempt 43 degrees.

The weather here in my country is very beauty in the summer is so hot and the winter is so cold.

The weather here in Egypt is very hot in Summer and very cold in Winter, but you can enjoy the spring here you will love to be here in Egypt in March and April