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Series 03 Episode 04

كارولينا لديها بعض المشاكل المالية. ماذا تستطيع أن تفعل لتحلها؟ آدم وروب يتحدثان عن الأنواع المختلفة من الطقس فى بلادكم.

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Tell us about your first job. What did you do? How much did you earn and what did you spend your pay on? Was it difficult or enjoyable? How did you get it?

Write to us in the comments and we'll discuss your answers in the next show.


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Intermediate: B1


my first job is in the shoes shop in jeddah city Saudia Arabia when I finished my high school I got a gap year so I decided to work my first salary is 1800 riyals thats mean by us dollar about 480 a month actually I did not spend my i save to travel and the job was fantastic I got it my uncle

In Egypt, work is so easy , you can stand on the street as a car parking assistance and get about 20 USD a day.
My first work is a customs clearance in Alexandria sea port ,the first wage was 100 $ a month , it was so weak and not enough .
i can not remember how spent it , perhaps to buy clothes.

what a good idea. she did not want to ask her parents money cause she bought a lot of things on holiday so she needed to find a job for foods , books and go out sometime.

my fisrt job is a teacher in Technical Computer Collage. I earned 10000(syrian pounds) a month. I worked along one term only.

Nice :)

this is my second time for me to review this series and I am still exciting and interesting you have done a great gob thank you so much

My first job was being a teacher it was a very hard job
the second one was working as a lab technician.

my first job was a land surveyor assistant at construction company , i was drawing the floor with lines to help builders to put block in right place ,i earned 350 l.e (Egyptian pound) a month , i have worked for 4 months at summer holiday that happened 12 years ago,when i had finished work i bought a gold chain ,it wasn't quite difficult , my uncle (aunt husband) find out this job for me cause he was engineer at the same company    

My first job was a hotliner in a call center. I earned 450€ a month.
I spent my first pay on shopping and I bought a watch to my mother... it made her sooo happy :)

Ooh!! it is not easy to find a job in Algeria