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Series 03 Episode 09

مواهب مستمعينا الموسيقية هي موضوع مناقشتنا فى هذه الحلقة. تس ورافي يخبرونكم كل شيء عن المشروبات التي يُعرف عن البريطانيين حبها.

Tess & Ravi

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Do you drink tea or coffee? How do you make it? With or without milk? With or without sugar? What other things do people in your country like to drink?

We always enjoy reading your comments and we read some of them out in the following episode.


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Intermediate: B1


In my country (Syria) the people drink both tea and coffee. for me, I prefer to drink coffee without sugar. black coffee. in my city, Tartous most of the people have a special drink it called MATH. It is Argentine origin drinker. First, we put water in the jug, and still until poil . in the meantime we put MATH in the cup and pour the hot water, you can add sugar if you like.

I usually drink a tea more than coffe,my favourite tea is drunk without milk & one sugar spoon and often I drink coffe with creamer (vegetarian ingredients) because more than 5 months during the year we have fasting (the orthodox christians), in my country Egypt trere's also some hot drinks like anis,cinnamon and sahlab contains from corn flour it is a very local beverage