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Series 03 Episode 13

تس ورافي يتحدثان عن التهذيب وآدم يقرأ تعليقاتكم عن الذهاب للسينما.

Tess & Ravi

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Do you think British people are polite or not? Tell us about your experiences – good or bad! And how about in your country? Do you think people in your country are polite or not?


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Intermediate: B1


I ll be honest the british people have a bad reputation because some reasons one of that reasons is hooligan in football matches and the second when they drinks alcohols specially when they go somewhere for tourism that sit in my country people peaceful but of course there are impolite people everywhere in my country people are peaceful thank you for this amazing topic

I think British are very polite, I deal with them in my job as a cashier in restaurants at Hurghada,It's a touristic town in Egypt on the Red sea,tourists come all over the world to enjoy swimming & sun,British people use thanks & please a lot they are little nervous,in Egypt people don't respect the traffic signs & queues, usually fight each others especially after revolution a lot of people don't respect traditions & values