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Series 03 Episode 17

تس ورافي يتحدثان عن عائلة بريطانية مشهورة جداً، وآدم يقوم بتوصيل كلماتكم الرقيقة لكارولينا.

Tess & Ravi

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Do you live in a country which has a king or queen? Did you have to learn the names of kings and queens in history at school? Are the names for family members more specific in your language than in English? And do tell us about your family!


Language level

Intermediate: B1


I live in Saudi Arabia witch have a king leader king Salman and certainly royal family but there is one differnt thing between Saudi Arabia and UK
royal family here in KSA the king has a stronger power than UK queen
and yes I should to learn kings of SAUDI names and their positions royal family have many nickname but the popular name is prince

this way in learning English is working with me .. Respect

 ifee bad

this is an interesting way to learn English.i like it!!!

Hi want comment